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Why Use Eagle Lake Turf’s
Big Yellow Bag?

check-boxIt’s Simple…It’s as easy as ordering a pizza in Calgary! Call us at 403-235-TURF(8873), pay with your Visa or Mastercard. Then mark an “X” on your driveway on delivery day…we do the rest!

check-boxIt’s Convenient… The Big Yellow Bag holds 1 cubic yard of soil or mulch.  No hauling and lifting bags into your trunk. No need to wait for help to become available to get started. The Giant Bulk Bag protects the soil or mulch from the Calgary elements so it is on hand and ready to use on that perfect warm spring day.

check-box It’s Recyclable… When you are done with the bag, simply return it to our store in Calgary, Eagle Lake Landscape Supply and you will receive a $5.00 in store credit as well as we will give a $5.00 donation to the Calgary Childrens Foundation.




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